fg_event_info Struct Reference

fg_event_info Struct Reference

#include <fg_struct.h>

Data Fields

unsigned int _pad
uint16_t data [254]
unsigned int length
unsigned int notify [64]
uint64_t timestamp [64]
unsigned int version

Field Documentation

◆ _pad

unsigned int fg_event_info::_pad

currently unused, inserted to allow 64 bit aligning of following fields

◆ data

uint16_t fg_event_info::data[254]

payload data of the event

◆ length

unsigned int fg_event_info::length

valid entries in data

◆ notify

unsigned int fg_event_info::notify[64]

see enum FgEventNotifiers for the meaning of the bits

◆ timestamp

uint64_t fg_event_info::timestamp[64]

the timestamp when the events were recorded (always 0 in version 5.1.2)

◆ version

unsigned int fg_event_info::version

version of this struct. Do not set directly, use FG_EVENT_INFO_INIT()