Embedded VisualApplets (eVA)

Embedded VisualApplets allows you to use the graphical FPGA development environment VisualApplets® for programming machine vision applications that will run on the FPGAs on your hardware platforms.

You do not program the whole FPGA with VisualApplets®, but only an IP Core (Intellectual Property Core). This IP Core is embedded in your surrounding FPGA design:


Graphical programming of image processing applications on FPGAs

To fill the IP core with logic for an image processing pipeline, no HDL knowledge is required, as VisualApplets® is a graphical environment. VisualApplets® also cares for the entire implementation flow. With VisualApplets®, you enable software engineers and image processing experts to program the IP core on your hardware.

Before you can use VisualApplets® to program applications for the FPGA on your hardware, you need to integrate the IP Core into your FPGA design and to generate an eVA (embedded VisualApplets®) Plugin that provides VisualApplets® with all hardware-specific details of your hardware platform.