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Available Patches for VisualApplets 3.0.6#

The installer(s) listed here include fixes of critical issues that became known after release of VisualApplets version 3.0.6.

Patches are distributed by Basler in form of complete VisualApplets installers. The installer's file name contains a five-digit number (patch ID) that indicates which patch is included in a specific installer. For example, VAsetup3.0.6-68118.exe is an installer for VisualApplets 3.0.6 including patch 68121.

The installer with the highest patch ID contains all fixes available for VisualApplets release 3.0.6.

To get the latest installer, contact our Support Department:

Patch ID Fixed Issue Installer Names with Patch ID Available since
68118 When an applet designed with VisualApplets 3.0.6 was saved as *.mcf file (via microDisplay or SDK function Fg_saveConfig), this *.mcf file provoked a crash when it was loaded via SDK function Fg_InitConfig. This has been fixed. (7333) VAsetup3.0.6-68118.exe 11.09.2017