Some VisualApplets operators require that their parameters are set before the processing is started. Other operators require that parameters are not changed during processing.

To avoid problems with parameterizing a design, it is generally helpful to set all parameters which don’t need to be changed at runtime in your VisualApplets design to Static. If your applet is not working as expected, try to write all dynamical parameters before you start processing.

If you need to change an applet parameter during processing check the operator documentation whether this is supported.

Operators Requiring Startup Initialization


If you are working with VisualApplets version 3.0.4 or lower:

The operator SplitLine has a parameter LineLength which may be dynamic or static. If you want to use parameter LineLength as a dynamic parameter, the parameter value must be written before the processing is started.

Operator Parameters which may not be Changed During Running

The parametrization of some operators can be updated during processing only to a limited extend. These are the following operators:


In some operation modes this operator ignores parameters which are set during processing. In these cases the parent process must be stopped before writing the parameters. For details, see ImageBufferMultiRoI.


Change the parameter settings of operator SelectROI only after the image data flow has been terminated, i.e., when no image data entered the operator after the last end of frame.