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Changes and Fixed Issues in VisualApplets 3.0.3#

Implemented Firmware#

Further Enhancements of PoCL Detection Mechanism#

  • The PoCL detection mechanism implemented in VisualApplets for marathon Camera Link and LightBridge frame grabbers has been further extended. A new state of the PoCL controller has been introduced: State NonPoCL_Save is a securing time gap between sensing the PoCL compatibility of a camera and connecting GND.
  • New parameter values in parameters PoCLStatePortA/PoCLStatePortB (operator BoardStatus):

    • State NonPoCL_Save is reflected as new value of parameter PoCLStatePortA/PoCLStatePortB in operator BoardStatus.
    • State PoCL_Cable_Connection_Stability (introduced in VisualApplets 3.0.2 as 1.8 seconds for verifying the stability of the PoCL compatible signal) is now also reflected as a new value of parameter PoCLStatePortA/PoCLStatePortB in operator BoardStatus.

    Parameters PoCLStatePortA/PoCLStatePortB are dynamic-read parameters, i.e., the state of the PoCL controller can be read during runtime.

Enhanced PCIe Detection#

  • All microEnable 5 marathon, ironman, and LightBridge firmware: Enhanced PCIe detection.

Support of PCIe Generation 1#

  • Now all microEnable 5 marathon and LightBridge firmware also supports PCIe generation 1 (in addition to PCIe generation 2). The implementation of generation 1 consumes less resources than the implementation of generation 2 and is therefore helpful in designs that do not need the high bandwidth of generation 2, but are short of resources.


All Operators#

  • Adding/deleting nodes on operators, hierarchical boxes, or user library elements is now possible without any side effects. All simulation modules connected to the changed operator/HBox stay connected.


  • Faster Loading of Initialization File for RamLUT Operator in Binary Mode: The loading speed of the initialization file for operator RamLUT in binary mode has been enhanced.

  • Extended Data Output: Operator RamLUT now supports 128 Bit Data output which allows to use the maximum RAM bandwidth.

O-type Operators#

  • O-type operators can be implemented in parallel now also when they get their image data from an infinite source.
  • Operators TxLink / RxLink don’t cause timing errors anymore when using small parallelisms and bit widths. (was relevant to microEnable IV VD4-CL/-PoCL and microEnable IV VQ4–GE/-GPoE. Fixed.)
  • Enhanced documentation stating recommended settings for bit width and parallelism to ensure good routing results.

ROM and LUT#

Operators ROM and LUT have a new parameter ImplementationType that influences the implementation strategy of the operator, i.e., which logic elements are used for instantiating the operator. Available options are AUTO, BRAM, or LUTRAM. This allows to design applets using large LUTs with, e.g., 2^16 addresses on a mE5-MA-VCL (Kintex).


  • SYNC operator now accesses valid memory areas also when in SyncToMax mode.

User Library#

  • Update of user library elements is now possible without any side effects. All simulation modules connected to the updated element stay connected.

CameraGrayFull und CameraRgbFull#

  • Fix of operators CameraGrayFull und CameraRgbFull: Both operators had a bug in 80bit mode AreaScan (8tapx10bit und 10tapx8bit) that in some exceptional situations resulted in the loss of a line within a frame. (LineScan configurations where not affected.) Affected target platforms were ironman and marathon Camera Link frame grabber. This has been fixed.

Other Fixes#

  • Synthesis with Vivado tool chain also works when the VisualApplets installation path contains space characters.
  • Comment boxes in designs now accept UTF-8 characters, i.e., users can add comment boxes now containing, e.g., Korean or Chinese language.
  • In the Project Info panel of the VisualApplets program window, Resources: Now also the consumption of resource "Embedded ALU" is stated.
  • Loading and refreshing user libraries works smoothly now.