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Changes and Fixed Issues in VisualApplets 3.0.4#

CLHS Camera Discovery#

VisualApplets CHLS designs with only one camera port: When using the final applet in a runtime environment, on camera port 2 (not connected) of the frame grabber, the system erroneously detected a camera. Fixed. Only the camera actually connected to the frame grabber running such an applet is detected now.

Custom Operators: Constraints Files Support (VisualApplets Expert Feature)#

Constraints files for custom operators are fully supported now and handled correctly: Constraints files that have been defined by the user are packed into the custom library. During the build of an applet (*.hap file) that contains a custom operator, the operator constraints files are unpacked. (In the last version, packing into the library and unpacking during build didn’t work properly. Fixed.)

Custom Operators in Protected User Library Elements (VisualApplets Expert Feature)#

Custom operators can now be used within protected user library elements. (This is the fix of known issue no. 2 in VisualApplets 3.0.3.)

Operator SelectROI#

Operator SelectROI now generates an End-of-Frame tag as soon as it has received the last line in the selected ROI. (This is the fix of known issue no. 20 in VisualApplets 3.0.3.)

Debugging Library: Improved Documentation (VisualApplets Expert Feature)#

The documentation of the debugging library (released in VisualApplets 3.0.3 Expert) has been enhanced.