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Changes and Fixed Issues in VisualApplets 3.1.1#


ImageInjector and CofficientBuffer#

  • The error message “Invalid file data” is displayed now when trying to load image data to instances of CoefficentBuffer or ImageInjector from a file with improper content. In earlier versions, the misleading message "Invalid filename" was shown. Fixed. (8536).

Parameters Library:#

  • Added support for PI() and E() in formulas. (8711)
  • Improved notification of errors in formulas. (8798)
  • VisualApplets remains stable now when functions in formulas have not the expected number of parameters. In earlier versions, VisualApplets could crash when functions in formulas did not have the right number of parameters. Fixed. (8628)
  • Stability issues have been fixed that occurred when renaming or deleting hierarchical boxes which contained automatically inserted parameters which were referencing parameters of operators from library Parameters. (8449)

Custom Operators#

  • Operator Icons Displayed as Expected

    • Operator icons may have any file name now. In earlier versions, an operator icon was only shown correctly when at the time of creating the custom operator the icon file name matched the name of the operator. This has been fixed. (8639)


  • Installation Folder Freely Selectable

    • The installation folder can always be selected during installation of VisualApplets. In version 3.1, the installation folder could not be selected in case the update feature was accepted before. Fixed. (8581)

License Manager#

  • In earlier versions, on some installations of VisualApplets the tool LicenseManager.exe did not start due to unresolved dynamic link libraries. This has been fixed. (8769)


  • New Option for Meeting Timing Constraints

    • A mechanism for selecting an alternative style for netlist generation has been added: When building a design fails meeting the timing constraints, it may help to define an environment variable VA_NETLIST_STYLE=2. VisualApplets will then generate the FPGA netlist with an alternative naming scheme which in some cases helps the Xilinx tool flow to generate a better distribution of logic on the FPGA. (8431)


  • Operator Selection on Scaled Displays

    • Mouse selection of operators in operator tool box when being in list view mode also works correctly now when the display scaling is set to 125% or higher (typical scaling on laptops). (8523)

Simulation Behavior#

  • Operator SplitImage:

    • Variable line length is now supported also in simulation as long as parameter ImageHeight is set to 1.

Windows 10 Start Menu Entries#

  • The entries in the Start Menu of Windows 10 for the components of a VisualApplets installation have been clearly named now. In earlier versions, when VisualApplets was installed together with the Basler runtime software on a PC, the naming of the entries was in some cases ambiguous. Fixed. (8586)