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Changes and Fixed Issues in VisualApplets 3.1.2#

Library Parameters#

  • In certain situations where modules of library Parameters created parameter references, VisualApplets crashed when the design was closed or certain modules were deleted. This has been fixed. (9025)
  • In certain situations, operators of library Parameters did not detect when parameters got into an invalid state. In particular, after renaming a module it was not detected when references to parameters of that module had been lost. This has been fixed. (8970)
  • In operators of library Parameters, the handling of enumeration names which contain space characters has been fixed. (8446)
  • In parameter-translation operators, the write targets were not checked sufficiently so that it was possible to define invalid write targets. This has been fixed. (8279)

SDK Code Generation#

  • SDK code generation has been updated so that generated code compiles with recent versions of the runtime API. (8841)
  • The SDK code generation for operators which contain inactive parameters (like parameter FvalMode in operator MediumGrayCamera when operating in VALT_LINE1D mode) has been fixed. (8843)

Default Design Clock#

  • When for a design a non-default value for the clock speed was used, this value was at times preserved when the design was closed and a new design was created. This has been fixed so that creating a new design resets the clock speed to the default value for the selected platform. (8514)

VA TCL Export#

  • When operators formed a closed loop within a hierarchy level then exporting the design to script did not work. This has been fixed. (8873)