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Changes and Fixed Issues in VisualApplets 3.3.1#


Library Base#

Operator CastKernel#

  • Prior to fixing this issue, when changing the input link parameters of a CastKernel operator, the operator could get into an invalid state which could not be resolved by adjusting the output link format. Also, the error notifications were confusing, because errors were reported for the input link instead of the output link. This has been fixed. Now, the operator accepts any input link format and automatically adjusts the output parallelism. Format errors caused by inappropriate kernel configuration at the output link are reported at the output link. (Ticket-ID: 215077 and 229912)

Library Filter#

Operator FIRkernelNxM#

The documentation for the operator FIRkernelNxM has been improved and now contains illustration of edge handling. Also, the calculation of the latency has been updated. (Ticket-ID: 215181 and 217961)

Library Memory#

  • When converting a design containing a RamLUT or FrameBufferRandomRead operator to a hardware platform with a different memory layout, an error concerning internal parameters of the module could occur. This has been fixed. (Ticket-ID: 224018 and 8708)

Library Hardware Platform#

Operator CLHSSingleCamera#

  • Prior to fixing this issue, when using the camera operator CLHSSingleCamera in designs for the platform mE5-MA-VF2, an error occurred during netlist generation. This has been fixed. (Ticket-ID: 229896)

Library Synchronization#

Operator AppendImage#

  • Operator AppendImage did not work correctly in simulation when converting 2D input to 1D output if the top line of the input image was shorter than the bottom line. This has been fixed.(Ticket-ID: 223684)

Operator AppendLine#

  • Prior to fixing this issue, when using the operator AppendLine in 1D mode at runtime, the parameter range for the parameter AppendNumber was calculated wrong. As a result in some cases the dynamic parameter AppendNumber did not work properly at runtime. This has been fixed. (Ticket-ID: 236171)

Operator InsertImage#

  • Prior to fixing this issue, in some cases changes of the max. image height or width at the input of the operator InsertImage were not immediately propagated to the output. This has been fixed. (Ticket-ID: 233202)


  • Prior to fixing this issue, when changing the display to Signed in the Simulation Source Viewer, the display changed only in the current image, but not in the Sequence Viewer or in the miniature display of the simulation source in the design. This has been fixed. (Ticket-ID: 207731)
  • Prior to fixing this issue, some designs where data is converted from 1D to 0D in the processing pipeline simulation didn't work any more when using the new line-by-line mode for 1D simulation. This has been fixed. (Ticket-ID: 218377)
  • Fixed issue in Image Histogram of Simulation Probe Viewer: Prior to fixing this issue, when signed mode was selected, in some cases the histogram statistics showed the wrong values after performing a single simulation step. This has been fixed. (Ticket-ID: 218694)
  • Prior to fixing this issue, when in an empty simulation probe Line Profile was opened and certain view properties were changed (e.g. the Signed checkbox), VisualApplets crashed. This has been fixed. (Ticket-ID: 220074)
  • Prior to fixing this issue, when the Simulation Probe Viewer was open during simulation and Line Profile was displayed, VisualApplets crashed. This has been fixed. (Ticket-ID: 220296)
  • Fixed issue with 1D simulation of operator SYNC: Prior to fixing this issue, when line-by-line simulation was not used, the operator SYNC terminated the simulation with an error when the simulated image height did not match the maximum image height of the input link I000. This has been fixed. (Ticket-ID: 226041)


Embedded VisualApplets (eVA)#

  • Prior to fixing this issue, when building a design with embedded VisualApplets, a build error could occur. This has been fixed. (Ticket-ID: 233158)


  • In the Xilinx ISE toolchain, netlist names are restricted to 255 characters. This can cause problems when building a design with deep hierarchies. Now, an error message occurs in the DRC2 when this limit is exceeded.(Ticket-ID: 209388).
  • Test images delivered with VisualApplets in the folder \<VA_install_folder>/Testimages have been extended by samples for typical image processing tasks. (Ticket-ID: 214792)
  • Prior to fixing this issue, when building a design for platform microEnable 5 VF2, an error with error message "Netlist generation failed due to an internal exception. Reason: general error" could occur. This has been fixed. (Ticket-ID: 221608)
  • In the Help > About dialog of VisualApplets, you can now select the version information and copy it to the clipboard. Please use this feature for providing version information when reporting problems with VisualApplets. (Ticket-ID: 229899)
  • Prior to fixing this issue, when converting a hierarchical box to a user library element and when the surrounding design contained parameter references to the hierarchical box, the converted box was displayed with a red error indicator. This has been fixed. (Ticket-ID: 230420)
  • Updated the generation process of SDK examples for applets. Now, the generated project files are compliant with Visual Studio 2010 and above. (Ticket-ID: 234918)