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Changes and Fixed Issues in VisualApplets 3.4.0#


  • Improved handling of zooming in diagram windows. The current zoom factor is now displayed. Zooming is now possible in the range between 10 % and 400 % and zoom factors are now optimized for typical scaling factors in Windows. (Ticket ID: 259340)
  • Improved scaling of the GUI according to the Windows scaling settings. (Ticket ID: 263708)
  • Extended means for handling images in comment boxes. Now, you can scale images in comment boxes via drag and drop or via size dialog. (Ticket ID: 255697)
  • Updated the GUI framework to Qt 6.5.2.


Accumulator Library#

Histogram Operator#

  • Before fixing this issue, the Histogram operator sometimes caused an internal error in the design rules check 2. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 215194)

Base Library#

SelectROI Operator#

  • Before fixing this issue, in very special cases it could happen that an output image started with an empty line or the last line was removed. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 287999)

Color Library#

WhiteBalance Operator#

  • The documentation has been corrected. Values in the Supported Link Format section were corrected. (Ticket ID: 215229)

Parameters Library#

  • Before fixing this issue, when you deleted or renamed modules with parameters that were referenced in operators of the Parameters library, VisualApplets might have crashed. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 265970 and 265828)

LinkParamTranslator Operator#

  • Before fixing this issue, the LinkParamTranslator operator could cause DRC errors which couldn't be resolved by changing design parameters. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 249298)
  • Before fixing this issue, when writing an invalid value into the WriteAction parameter, the operator didn't display an error. This has been fixed. Now, the operator and the WriteAction parameter field in the Module Properties view are displayed in red, if you write an invalid value into this parameter. (Ticket ID: 265445)
  • Before fixing this issue, when using the LinkParamTranslator operator it could happen that several DRC runs were required for the operator to propagate the link parameters properly. This situation occurred when changing a link parameter caused a change of other link parameters (e.g. when MaxImageWidth was adapted automatically after you have changed the parallelism). This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 265987)
  • Before fixing this issue, when writing an invalid value to the Color Flavor or Color Format link properties via the LinkParamTranslator operator, VisualApplets sometimes crashed. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 292299)

FloatParamTranslator Operator#

  • Before fixing this issue, in the FloatParamTranslator and FloatValue operators incrementing and decrementing a value via the spin box arrows sometimes resulted in the value jumping to the maximum value. This has been fixed, the increment now properly takes into account the defined range and step size. (Ticket ID: 270215)
  • Improved the error handling of range increments. Before, defining range increment with floating-point module parameters could lead to conflicts that weren't displayed. This has been fixed. Now, conflicts with range increments are displayed as warnings with tooltips and the conflicts also appear in DRC1. (Ticket ID: 271807)

Synchronization Library#

SYNC Operator#

  • Before fixing this issue, when the SYNC operator was configured in SyncToMin mode, the output frame wasn't terminated before all input frames were completed. This has been fixed. Now the operator only outputs the end-of-frame after one of the input ports has received an end-of-frame. (Ticket ID: 209386)

User Libraries#

JPEG_Color User Library#

  • Fixed elements of the JPEG_Color library. This fix resolves a loss of image quality in vertical direction. This solution was already included in update 2301 for VisualApplets 3.3.2.(Ticket ID: 256723)


  • Now, Tcl export and import supports all available Color Flavor values in the link properties. Before, export and import of Tcl scripts couldn't handle the Color Flavor values LAB, XYZ, HSL, HSV, or YCrCb properly. (Ticket ID: 258727)
  • Before fixing this issue, some text fields containing unicode characters weren't properly written to Tcl during the Tcl export. This led to problems when importing designs from Tcl, because the text was changed after the import. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 255019)
  • Before fixing this issue, building designs with the Tcl console sometimes terminated with an error, because detecting Vivado took too long. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 272098)
  • The InstUserLibOperator Tcl command now behaves like instantiating a user library element manually. Before, when instantiating a design with the Tcl InstUserLibOperator command, sometimes error indicators were displayed in the GUI, which vanished after design rules check 1. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 280260)
  • Before fixing this issue, the Drc Tcl command sometimes returned an error whereas the design rules check only reported warnings. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 284291)
  • Before fixing this issue, when building a design in the Tcl batch mode for certain Vivado versions or when running in Windows 11, the Precondition Check wasn't responding due to a Xilinx tool error. This has been fixed. Now VisualApplets detects this situation and continues with the build flow. (Ticket ID: 290581)


  • Improved VisualApplets runtime components so applets load faster. (Ticket ID: 241826)
  • When simulating the JPEG_Encoder operator now a warning message is generated when the maximum output size for encoded data is reached and further output data is clipped. (Ticket ID: 248308)
  • In the Link Property dialog, fields for maximum image height and maximum image width have been deactivated for SIGNAL links as these values have no meaning for signals. (Ticket ID: 236459)
  • Before fixing this issue, when an image had been selected, the Image Histogram view displayed the histogram of the previous image in the simulation probe. This has been fixed. The Image Historgram now always displays the histogram of the currently selected image. (Ticket ID: 264369)
  • Updated the ImageMagick library. With the previous version it could happen that loading small images in *.tif format didn't work and the error message Image Magick library: Image format is not supported. Error code: -70002 opened up. (Ticket ID: 265278)
  • Improved the Select Folder dialog, which opens up e.g. when defining paths in the System Settings. Before, for some installations of VisualApplets, the displayed folder structure only showed a small subset of the directories of the system. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 282851)
  • Fixed detecting the Vivado version for Vivado 2023.1 and later. Before, although a proper installation of Vivado was detected, no version information was found. (Ticket ID: 285232)
  • For some installations of the Vivado build environment, the precondition check terminated with the error message Error checking FPGA software. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 291935)
  • Fixed FPGA resource estimation during DRC2. Before fixing this issue, for some operators such as FIRkernelNxM, IF, and DynamicROI the required resources were underestimated. (Ticket ID: 293050)
  • Before fixing this issue, when during VisualApplets installation only one single hardware platform was selected, the installation was incomplete and applets could not be built with this VisualApplets installation. This has been fixed. (Ticket ID: 295891)