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New Features in VisualApplets 3.0

Loop Operators

With the new operators TxImageLink and RxImageLink, it is now possible to implement loops into designs.

Support of Xilinx Vivado tools

For all currently available marathon and LightBridge platforms, designs can be built using Xilinx Vivado WebPacka (free) or Vivado Design Suitea in the tool chain. Xilinx ISE WebPack (free) or ISE Design Suitea can also be used.

VisualApplets now 64 bit Design Tool

The VisualApplets design software is now a 64 bit program. This entails advanced simulation and synthesis, especially of large images and sequences.

New Library Type: Custom Library

Into the Custom Library, operators provided by a user of VisualApplets Expertb can be imported.

Blob and Compression Library without Runtime Licenses

Blob library and Compression library are now incorporated as VisualApplets 3 extensions. For using these libraries in VisualApplets 3 designs, a one-time licensing is necessary (licenses are stored on the VisualApplets Dongle). Runtime licenses for platforms using applets including operators of these libraries are no longer required.

Fast Fourier Transformation

The operator for Fast Fourier Transformation (FFT) has been refined: Now any power of two value for image width between 3 bit and the platform maximum is allowed.

Optimized Use of FPGA Resources in microEnable 5 Platform Designs

Many operators have been optimized so that FPGA resource consumption, depending on the individual design, is reduced. This may also improve synthesis time in some cases.

GUI Improvements

Various dialogs have been enhanced. The VisualApplets License Management tool is now directly accessible from the GUI.

  1. Registered trade mark of Xilinx Corp.

  2. VisualApplets Expert is a new VisualApplets extension which will be officially released in a subsequent release. At the moment, VisualApplets Expert can be used only by users who are participants of the VisualApplets Expert evaluation program.