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New Features in VisualApplets 3.0.3

VisualApplets Expert (Extension)

VisualApplets Release 3.0.3 for the first time includes the VisualApplets Expert extensiona. As the name suggests, this extension offers a broad range of completely new expert features valuable for highly advanced users. The most important new features are:

Custom Operator Libraries

With the completely new VisualApplets Custom Operator Functionality, image processing modules designed in VHDL or Verilog can be used in VisualApplets as operators. The modules are incorporated as pre-synthesized IP core netlists. Each IP core builds one operator. After a GUI driven integration procedure, these operators work like built-in VisualApplets operators.

Debugging Library

The Debugging library offers a variety of operators with enhanced debugging capabilities. They can be used for debugging VisualApplet Designs in the real runtime environment as well as for debugging custom operators which are still under development. In the latter case, the Debugging library allows to analyze how new custom operators effect the designs they are instantiated in.

Parameters Library

Library Parameters allows to set paths to specific parameters which may be deeply embedded in hierarchical structures. This way, even parameters in protected hierarchical boxes (or in protected hierarchical boxes that are nested in other protected hierarchical boxes) can be set and reset during design time and runtime, since their parametrization interface is lifted up in the hierarchy to a hierarchical level that is not access restricted. The translation operators of the library in addition allow translated access (read and write) to parameters of one or several other operators. For calculation, formulas can be defined according to the GenICam API 2.0 standard.

Embedded VisualApplets (Extension)

VisualApplets Release 3.0.3 for the first time includes eVA Designer which is part of the VisualApplets Embedded extensionb. With eVA Designer, you can set up hardware platforms with image processing FPGA to be programmable with VisualApplets. eVA Designer supports you in defining and testing a custom VisualApplets IP core for your FPGA and generates a dedicated plug-in for VisualApplets that introduces all details of the IP core and surrounding FPGA design to VisualApplets.

Other New Features (All Licenses)

Support of New Frame Grabber Hardware mE5 marathon VF2

VisualApplets 3.0.3 supports programming for the new CLHS frame grabber microEnable 5 marathon VF2.

CXP Implementation

Flexible CXP Implementation: The CXP interpretation implemented in VisualApplets is more flexible now and tolerates small derivations of the CXP standard in incoming image data. This leads to improved runtime stability. The extended CXP flexibility is implemented for all CXP target platforms.


New Operator PixelReplicator

Library Synchronization has a new operator PixelReplicator that allows to replicate input pixels. The operator is available for all target hardware platforms.

Library Logic: New Parameter in Comparison Operators

All comparison operators of the Logic library have a new parameter ImplementationType that allows the user to influence the implementation of the operator, i.e., to define which logic elements are used for implementing the operator. The comparison operators are: < CMP_AgeB>, < CMP_AgtB>, < CMP_AleB>, < CMP_AltB>, < CMP_Equal>, < CMP_NotEqual>, < IS_Equal>, < IS_GreaterEqual>, < IS_GreaterThan>, < IS_InRange>, < IS_LessEqual>, < IS_LessThan>, < IS_NotEqual>

Parameter PcieInterfaceType for marathon and LightBridge

Operator AppletProperties now offers parameter PcieInterfaceType for all marathon and LightBridge devices. The parameter PcieInterfaceType allows you to select which PCIe interface type is supported by the applet. The selected value { Generation_1, Generation_2} defines the supported DMA bandwidth (reflected in operator DMAtoPC).

  1. To get access to the functionality of the Expert extension, you need an according license key.

  2. To get access to the functionality of the VA Embedder extension, you need an according license key.