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New Features in VisualApplets 3.0.6#

New Hardware Platform marathon VCX-QP Supported#

Designs for the completely new Basler frame grabber board mE5 marathon VCX-QP can be designed and built.

CXP Camera Operators Allow to Define Incoming Pixel Format#

The three CXP camera operators CXPSingleCamera, CXPDualCamera, and CXPQuadCamera now allow to define the pixel format of the image data that are coming in from the camera. Supported are all Mono, RGB, and Bayer pixel formats supported by the CXP specification. For all other CXP pixel formats, the pixel format setting "RAW" can be used. The three camera operators are available for all Basler CXP frame grabbers (mE5 marathon VCX-QP, mE5 ironman VQ8-CXP6D, and / mE5 ironman VQ8-CXP6B).

Improved Protection of Changes in User Library Instances#

Instances of user library elements that have been modified by the user are marked now with a special icon. In addition, when an update or quick update from the user library is started on such an instance, an according message occurs that informs the user that all changes that have been made to this instance will be lost if the update is carried out. This way, adapted user library instances cannot be overwritten unintentionally anymore. (4906)

Applets for marathon VCL and LightBridge VCL: PoCL Support per Default Deactivated#

Applets you create with VisualApplets 3.0.6 (or higher) for marathon VCL and LightBridge VCL boards: The automatic PoCL detection feature will be disabled on the frame grabber board running the applet. PoCL support needs to be enabled by the user via microDiagnostics (menu Tools -\Board Settings). microDiagnostics comes as part of the Basler runtime software installation. The option for enabling/disabling PoCL support is implemented in microDiagnostics since runtime version 5.5.1 (and higher).

Tcl Export and Import Option#

VisualApplets 3.0.6 allows to export VisualApplets designs as human readable Tcl script code (*.tcl). This new feature is intended for revision control and for comparing different versions automatically (by creating "diffs"). Earlier exported Tcl script code can be imported into VisualApplets. The Tcl scripts are not intended for being used as the primary file format for saving designs. The generated Tcl scripts do not cover all style information and don't contain the design structure of instantiated user library elements.

IsFirstPixel and IsLast Pixel – Two new Operators in the Synchronization Library#

Library Synchronization has two new operators:

  • IsFirstPixel: Operator IsFirstPixel marks the first pixel in a line (in line mode) or in a frame (in frame mode). The operator outputs a 1 on its output port IsFirstO for each first pixel of a line/frame.
  • IsLastPixel: Operator IsLastPixel marks the last pixel of a line (in line mode) / of a frame (in frame mode). The operator can also be used to mark empty lines (in line mode) or empty frames (in frame mode).


The set of design examples has been extended:

  • Print inspection: Two new examples for print inspection have been added that both, though using different methods, allow object detection with identifying defects and correcting the position of detected objects within an image.
  • Triggering: The set of design examples using triggers has been extended. Furthermore, the examples are now available in hardware platform specific variants.
  • Basic Acquisition: The set of basic acquisition examples has been extended. Furthermore, the examples are now available in hardware platform specific variants.