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pylon C++ Programmer's Guide#


The Basler pylon API is the Basler C++ application programming interface (API) for Gigabit Ethernet (GigE), USB and CoaXPress (CXP) cameras. The pylon API offers a generic, unified programming interface that hides most of the differences between interface technologies. The pylon API allows easy migration from one camera interface to another without major code changes. More detailed information about what's new can be found in the migration guide.


Programmer's Guide The pylon Programmer's Guide is a quick guide on how to program using the Basler pylon C++ API. It can can be used together with the pylon sample code for getting started.
Advanced Topics The Advanced Topics section can be consulted if more information about special use cases is required.
API Reference The API Reference provides documentation about the Basler pylon C++ interface.
Migrating from Previous Versions The programming interface for pylon 6 is in some respects not backwards compatible with earlier versions. The migration guide describes the modifications needed to rebuild an application that was developed with earlier pylon versions.
Sample Code The pylon sample code illustrates the common use cases when working with the pylon C++ API.
Software Licensing and Legal Information


Caution:** The code snippets provided in this manual are included as sample code only. Inappropriate code may cause your camera to function differently than expected and may compromise your application. To ensure that the snippets will work properly in your application, you must adjust them to meet your specific needs and must test them thoroughly prior to use.

Parameter Reference#

pylon provides programming interface classes that are created from parameter description files. The table below links directly to the documentation of the generated classes.

All (Universal) Camera Chunk Data Event Grabber Stream Grabber Transport Layer
Other Image Format Converter Instant Camera Video Writer Interface