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ActionCommandStatus Enumeration#

Lists possible status codes returned by Basler.Pylon.ActionCommandTrigger.Issue or Basler.Pylon.ActionCommandTrigger.Schedule.



public enum ActionCommandStatus


Public Enumeration ActionCommandStatus


Member nameValueDescription
Ok0The camera acknowledged the command.
NoReferenceTime-519995373The camera is not synchronized to a master clock to be used as time reference. Typically used when scheduled action commands cannot be scheduled for a future time since the reference time coming from IEEE 1588 is not locked. The action command has been ignored by the camera.
Overflow-519995371Returned when the scheduled action commands queue is full and the camera cannot accept the additional request. The action command has been discarded by the camera.
ActionLate-519995370The requested scheduled action command was requested at a point in time that is in the past.
NoAcknowledgeReceived-1No acknowledge received for action command.


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