Operator SignalToEvent

Operator Library: Hardware Platform

The operator generates software events for rising edges at its input links.

All N inputs (up to 16) can generate individual events. The event will not provide any signal link data. Commonly, this operator is used to monitor the status of GPIOs or to signal special conditions.

For each input link, an event name must be specified. This is done using parameter EventNameInput[n]. The event name will then be the complete module name plus the event name e.g. Device1_Process0_HierarchicalBoxName_SignalToEventModuleName_ValueOfParameterEventNAmeInput[n]. All events can be accessed with the Framegrabber API functions for events. Check the Framegrabber API Manual for more information.

The operator will automatically allocate N Event and one EventSource device resources. Check Appendix. Device Resources for more information.

Available for Hardware Platforms
microEnable IV VD4-CL/-PoCL
microEnable IV VQ4-GE/-GPoE

I/O Properties

Property Value
Operator Type M
Input Link I0..In, signal input

Synchronous and Asynchronous Inputs

  • All signal inputs may be sourced by the same or different M-type operators through an arbitrary network of O-type operators. If they are sourced by the same M-type source, they will be automatically synchronized.

Supported Link Format

Link Parameter Input Link I0..In
Bit Width 1
Arithmetic unsigned
Parallelism 1
Kernel Columns 1
Kernel Rows 1
Img Protocol VALT_SIGNAL
Color Format VAF_GRAY
Color Flavor FL_NONE
Max. Img Width any
Max. Img Height any


Type static/dynamic read/write parameter
Default ON
Range {ON, OFF}

Defines if high-precision timestamps are attached to each event. ON = timestamps are generated. OFF = no timestamps are generated.

Type static write parameter
Default EventNameInput[n]

Every event input must be assigned a unique identifier name. This event name is used to identify and use a particular hardware event signal in the Framegrabber SDK.