Library Blob

The Blob library includes operators for segmentation, object detection and feature extraction.

[Important] Availability

To use the Blob library, you need either a Segmentation and Classification Library license, or the VisualApplets 4 license.

Object detection is of central importance for image analysis and classification. The object detection possibilities in VisualApplets allow you to design a huge range of image processing applications that run at highest speed grades in FPGA hardware. Using the Blob Analysis operators, you can realize complete image processing applications - including pre-processing, image analysis, and classification - in hardware. This offers you great options for solving computationally intensive high-speed applications. Blob analysis is a fundamental method for detecting objects using connected components in binary images. Blob analysis is strongly used in machine vision applications. The following sections introduce blob analysis and explain the features of the VisualApplets implementation.

The following list summarizes all Operators of Library Blob

Operator Name Short Description available since

Detects objects in binary images of unlimited height and determines their properties.

Version 1.3

Detects objects in binary images and determines their properties.

Version 1.3

Table 33. Operators of Library Blob