Line Scan Trigger for microEnable 5 VQ8-CXP6 with TrgBoxLine Operator Usage

Brief Description

File: \examples\Processing\Trigger\mE5-VQ8-CXP6D\Line\

Default Platform: mE5-VQ8-CXP6D/mE5-VQ8-CXP6B

Short Description

VisualApplets prototype operator TrgBoxLine can be used for microEnable 5 and microEnable IV platforms for line scan triggering. The operator includes multiple triggering features. The example demonstrates the usage of the operator in a VisualApplets design file for mE5-VQ8-CXP6D/mE5-VQ8-CXP6B platform. For parameters of "TrgBoxLine" on this platform please read corresponding operator documentation under 'TrgBoxLine' Note that in comparison to operator TrgPortLine on mE4VD4-CL/PoCL the operator does not directly control the IOs. Therefore, it is required to connect to the IOs respectively.

The operator is in prototype library and might be replaced in future releases.