VisualApplets is a very easy to learn self explaining software. The usage is very simple. However, as for all programs and programming languages, examples and step by step tutorials help learning its usage. We recommend to read and implement the design presented previously in the getting started chapter to get introduced into the world of VisualApplets (see Getting Started). Next, looking at the tutorials and examples presented in the following will ease the barrier to start your own implementations.

Always mind to use the operator reference if you need more information about VisualApplets operators (see Operator Reference). Each operator description includes a list of examples where it is used.

If you have problems of understanding a feature of VisualApplets or if you have problems in understanding the theory behind VisualApplets desings, check the respective chapters in the user manual (see User Manual).

The tutorial and examples consist of three parts. First, a tutorial presenting the basic design theory is presented. Next, a list of basic acquisition applets is given which will allow you to start your own project with the required camera interface and hardware device. The examples chapter is a list of example files which can be found in the VisualApplets installation folder. These examples show the usage of operators and might provide implementation ideas.